Cheng nuai 5 dawn theihna – Micro Startup Competition vawi 3-na hawng leh ta

Mizoram sorkar – Planning, Programme and Implementation Department hnuaia Mizoram State Entrepreneurship Development Monitoring Committee (MEDMOC) chuan Micro Startup Competition/Mizoram Rahbi vawi 3-na chu vawiin, September 6, 2018 atang hian a hawng leh ta a. He Competition-ah hian cheng nuai 5 thleng dawn theih a ni.

He competition hnuaiah hian sumdawnna tur project (business plan) insiam siak tur a ni a. Project tha zual thlanchhuahte chu powerpoint presentation hmanga intihsiakin, lawmman la tlaka ngaih project thlanchhuahte chuan an project tihhlawhtlinna tur cheng nuai 5 thleng sorkar atangin tanpuina an dawng dawn a ni. Sorkar atanga tanpuina dawn tur hi an project thehluh atanga 50% emaw, cheng nuai 5 emaw a ni ang.

Micro Startup Competition/Mizoram Rahbi hi kum 2017 atang khan buatsaih a lo ni tawh a. Competition vawi 1-naah hian tanpuina dawng tur project 15 thlanchhuah a ni a, vawi 2-naah hian project 20 thlanchhuah a lo ni tawh bawk. Heng project thlanchhuah zinga tam zawk chuan sorkar atangin cheng nuai 5 an dawng a, nuai 5 dawng tling lo pawh engemawzat an awm bawk (Project cheng nuai 10 chin chunglam siamin cheng nuai 5 an dawng a, nuai 10 aia tlem siamin an project siam atanga 50% an dawng thung). Tin, heng tanpuina dawng zingah hian sumdawnna hlawhtlinpui mek engemawzat an awm tawh a ni.

He competition-a tel duh te chuan EDS Cell, Planning and Programme Implementation Department Office, Tennis Court chhakah emaw, Entrepreneurship Knowledge Centre, ZIDCO Building, New Secretariat Complex-ah zawhfiah theih a ni a. Tin, Planning Department Website a hnuaia link tarlan atang hian guidelines download theih a ni bawk.

Guidelines leh application format download-na tur :

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