Russia-in FIFA World Cup a hlawkpui hle

Greatest Show on Earth ti hiala an lo chhal thin FIFA World Cup thlen hi a hautak rual rualin a lo hlawk viau ni tur a ni.

2018 FIFA World Cup, Russia a neih taka organiser-te chuan World Cup avangin Russia economy chuan $14 billion zetin hlawkna a neih phah bakah eizawnna thar 315,000 zet a siam belh niin an sawi. $ 14 billion hi Russia-in kum khat chhunga a sum dehchhuah – gross domestic product (GDP) atangin 1% zet a ni. He report hi World Cup Organising Committee CEO Alexey Sorokin chuan a puang a ni.

Kha world cup neih zawh takah khan $14.2 billion zet hman ral a ni a, world cup awm tawh zawng zawnga senso tamna ber a ni nghe nghe.

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He tournament an thlen dawn avang hian airport atanga hotel leh stadium thlengin hmasawnna nasa tak a thleng a, hei hian eizawnna nasa takin a siam belh bawk. He tournament vanga an ram chhunga tax punna zat ringawt pawh 164 billion rubles ($2.5 billion) zet a ni.

Hetih lai hian World Cup thlen dawn hnaia Russia nena boruak tha lo tak nei chho ta Britain Foreign Secretary hlui Boris Johnson chuan Russia-in World Cup a thleng chu kum 1936-a Nazi awp Germany-in Olympic a thleng ang mai a ni tiin a lo tehkhin ve mek bawk.


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