Psychology hi Science peng pakhat, awmze nei taka mihring leh rannung dangte rilru leh nunphung zirna a ni ber a. Psychologist ni tur chuan midangte tanpui duhna rilru pu mi nih a ngai a ni.

Psychologist ni tur hian medical degree neih a ngai lova. Amaherawhchu Psychology lam zirna kum engemawzat neih a ngai thung. Plus two level ah emaw, Graduation level-ah emaw, Post Graduate level-ah emaw a zir theih a. Psychology peng hrang hrang- social psychology, child psychology, occupational psychology, clinical psychology, educational psychology, experimental psychology leh a dang tamtak a awm a. Heng field hrang hrangahte hian zir leh thawh theih vek a ni.

Eligibility & Course Areas

Plus 2 leh a level pui atangin psychology hi zir theih a ni a. Graduation-ah erawh chuan University tamtakah chuan psychology hi honours subject anga lak a ngai  a ni. Graduate zawh hnuah chuan MA/MSc Psychology, Social Work emaw Counselling emaw lak chhoh leh tur a ni a. Hetiang hnuah hian a duh tan chuan M.Phil emaw Ph.D emaw a zir chhuzawm leh zel theih bawk.

Hetiang a nih rual hian Psychology-a Post graduate zir tur chuan Graduate-a Psychology lo la ve tawh nih a ngai a. Hetiang lam hna a i tui a, practice i duh a nih chuan, psychology lam hnaih subject education leh social work te pawh zir tel a tha khawp mai. Hetiang ni lemlo, engemaw chen hre ve duh tan pawh Special Education /Mental Reatardation-ah Diploma Course a zir theih bawk.


Psychology zir hunchhung hi Graduation-ah kum thum a ni a,  Post Graduate (MA/MSc) ah kum 2 niin M.Phil emaw Ph.D hi kum 2 zir leh a ngai bawk.

Personal Skills

Communication skill nei tha tak, mi zaidam, social/cultural leh age group ang chi a hnathawh nuamti leh midang tanpui nuamti mi nih a ngai a.  Mi sensitive leh caring tak, an harsatna tawh leh an background a zira midangte endan thiam mi nih a ngai bawk.

Course Area

Psychology zirna hian a huam zau viau mai a. Heng a hnuaia mi zawng zawngte hi a huam vek a ni: processes of thinking, learning and perceiving, remembering, forgetting, physiology of the nervous system, development of children, social relationships and their effect on personality development, mental disorders, applications of psychology to the study of society, industry, education etc., techniques of experimenting and testing, and statistics. Professional course ti tak tak tur phei chuan Science leh Mathematics pawh engemaw chen hriat ve a ngai nghe nghe.

Job Prospect & Career Options

An zir bing bik a zirin an hnathawh theih dan a hrang ve thei hle a. Tamtak chu University leh College, Primary leh High School, sorkar agency hrang hrangahte, private industry leh hospital, clinic-te bakah mahni a practice te pawhin a thawh theih a. Hengah te pawh hian zirtirtu angin emaw, Psychologist pangngai angte pawhin thawh theih vek a ni. Thenkhat chu Social organisation lamah te, research lamah te, rehabilitation centre, prison, child/youth guidance centre, advertising industry leh a dang tamtakah an thawk bawk.

He subject-a Master Degree nei tamtak chu doctor pangngai level-a Psychologist ang tak taka thawk an tam a. Graduate chin chu community health centre leh vocational rehabilitation-ah te an thawk tlangpui thung.

Career Options

Sawi tawh angin Specialisation azirin thawh theih zawng a inang lo thei hle a. Heng Specialist hrang hrangte hian anmahni line theuhah kalhmang nei takin hna an thawk thin a ni:

1)         Clinical Psychologist

2)         Counselling Psychologist

3)         Social Psychologists

4)         Educational Psychologists

5)         Industrial Psychologists

6)         Research psychologists

7)         Developmental psychologists



Professional Psychologist hna hi hlawh tha tak a nih bakah a challenging em em bawk. Hlawh hi qualification, specialisation leh experience a zirin a danglam thei hle. M.Phil and Ph.D degree neite hi chu an hlawh a sang deuh a. Corporate sector lama thawkte hi an hlawh a sang bawk. An thawhna hmun a danglam thei ang bawkin chuti khati zat chu an hlawh tih fak erawh a harsa deuh.

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