Career in HISTORY

History subject hi khawvel huap pawhin subject pawimawh leh lar tak a ni reng a. Tunlaiah Science & Technology lam zirna uar taka kalpui reng ni mah se, Humanity hnuaia History subject hi ngaihthah theih a ni lo a. Heng technology lam thiamna ril tak takte hi History zir nan an hmang tangkai chho zel zawk a ni. Mihring kan awm chhung chuan History kan nei reng dawn a, ‘History repeats itself’ tih a nih angin history hriatna hian thil kal lai mek a thutlukna tamtak siam kawngah awlsamna nasa tak a thlen thin a. History hi mihringte inzirna pui ber pakhat a ni reng dawn a ni. Chutiang a nih avang chuan mihring awm chhung chuan History pawimawhna hi a chuai thei dawn lo reng reng a ni.

Tin, Competitive exam-ah reng History hian chanvo pawimawh tak a chang reng a. Indian History ngat phei chuan Indian competitive exam-ah chanvo pawimawh tak a chang thin a ni.

History hi Class XI atanga saubject hrang anga zir tan a ni tlangpui a. Bachelor degree atanga Post Graduate leh  a chunglam thlengin a zir theih a ni.


History Graduate emaw, Master Degree neite tan chuan  hna duhawm tak tak a tam hle a. Heng line hrang hrang journalism, Law, Military, Politics, Public Relations, Tourism leh a dang tamtakah hna a awm reng a ni. Amaherawhchu, humanities subject dang ang bawkin engemaw hna bik, History degree nei tan chauh a dil theih erawh a tam lem lo. Mahse, History thiam tak tan chuan Competitive-ah pawh chance a tha hle.

MA History tana hnathawh theih chi hrang hrangte:


Business Analyst

Guide in Museums

Documentation Specialist


Information Manager


Library Systems Analyst


Research Assistant

Records Manager


Editor with Publishing Houses

Employment Areas:



Civil Services



Genealogy (descent)

Historical Fiction

Historical Parks







Public Relations Publishing






Government Jobs after M.A in History :

History thiam tak tan chuan Central sorkar hnuaia Competition exam hrang hrangah chance a tha hle a. Heng SSC, UPSC ah te hian chance a tha hle. College-a Professor nih tum tan pawh UGC kaltlangin NET neih theih a ni. Chutiang bawkin State sorkar hnuaiah pawh State Public Service Commission hnuaia exam buatsaih hrang hrangah a exam theih a. Eng Competitive Exam-ah pawh Written leh Interview-ah History hian part pawimawh tak a lak tlat avangin Indian History thiam tak tan phei chuan chance a tha hle. Tin, Tourism, Archeology, Research, Museums etc ah pawh hna thawh tur a awm nual.

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