Commerce chu sumdawnna leh a kaihhnawih lam sawina a ni ber a, zirna line a Commerce kan tih pawh hi chutiang lam zirna chu a ni ber. Chuvangin, Commerce lama thiamna nei tan chuan tunlai khawvelah eizawnna chi hrang hrang tamtak a awm thei a ni.

Commerce hi Class XI a\anga luhchilh theih a ni a, class XII Commerce pass hnuah Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) leh course dang dang (BBA, etc) zir chhunzawm theih a ni. Tin, College a Graduation zawh hnuah Master degree (M.Com, MBA, etc) leh a chunglam thlengin a zir chhunzawm theih bawk. Commerce lam zir tur erawh chuan Economics, Mathematics, Accountancy leh Business studies lamte thiam a ngaih avangin hetiang lama tui mi leh thluak chak deuh, mi taima tak nih a ngai thung.

Commerce late tana career hrang hrang awm theite:

Commerce stream a kalte tan hian eizawnna kawng hrang hrang zawh tur a tam hle a, course hrang hrang zir tur pawh tamtak a awm thei. General line a Commerce zir chhoh ngar ngar theih  a ni a, Commerce huangchhung leh a kaihhnawih course hrang hrang zir tur a tam hle bawk. Competitive Exams, Management, Banking, Law leh sumdawnna field hrang hrangah zir theih leh thawh theih an ngah hle. Tin, Arts stream a kalte thawh theih ang tamtak an thawk thei tho bawk. Commerce stream-a kalte tana eizawnna kawng hrang hrang awm theite lo tarlang ila:

1)    Finance

2)    Accounting

3)    Taxation

4)    Auditing

5)    Laws and Legal activities

6)    Corporate Laws

7)    Management

8)    Investing & allied areas

9)    Mass Communication & Journalism

10)  Banking & Insurance

11)  Costing & Decision Making

12)  Chartered Accountants

13)  Lawyers (LLB, LLM)

14)  Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), etc.

15)  Company Secretaries (CS)

16)  Cost & Management Accountants (CMA)

17)  Actuarial Science (Actuary)

18)  Certified Public Accountants (CPA)

19)  MBA / PGDM

20)  Bachelors & Masters in various fields e.g. Bcom, BAF, BMS, BMM, BFI, BFM, BBA, etc. and e.g. Mcom, MFC, MFM, MFA, MHRD, MMS, MLW, etc.

21)  Stock Broker Certification Courses

22)  Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF) Courses

23)  Bachelor/Masters of Computer Applications (BCA / MCA)

24)  MPSC, UPSC, IAS etc. i.e. Civil Services

25)  Accounting Technician Course (ATC) offered by ICAI

26)  Doctorate degrees like PhD

27)  Event Management Course, Hotel Management Course

28) Investment Banking Courses, etc